Sunday, December 27, 2015:

106,000 for the restoration of the facade and dome of St George's Basilica

The Ministry for Gozo has granted a fund of €106,000 to St George’s Basilica to support a project which will include the restoration of it’s artistic façade and monumental dome.


The project is of paramount importance, as it will see the restoration and conservation of the external part of the church, considered to be one of the artistic gems of Gozo.  The building dates back to the seventeenth century, though the façade was practically rebuilt in 1818 following an earthquake.  Damages caused through the years in the internal part of the church due to water infiltration, among others, will alse be treated along the process.


The restoration project is to be seen in the light of other conservaton works being carried out by the Government in Victoria, mainly on the Banca Giuratale, the façade of the Ministry for Gozo, and the extensive works on the Citadel.  It’s value will enhance the touristic product offered to those who visit our city.


The agreement between the Ministry for Gozo and St George’s Basilica was signed on December 18, 2015 at the premises of the Ministry in St Francis Square, in the presence of Dr Anton Refalo, Minister for Gozo, Mr John Borg, Permanent Secretary, Mr Anthony Zammit, Director of EcoGozo, Mgr Tarcisio Camilleri, Vicar General for the Diocese of Gozo, and Archpriest Mgr Pawlu Cardona.


At the end of the Christmas Pontifical High Mass at St George’s Basilica, in the presence of H.L. Mgr Mario Grech, Bishop of Gozo, Dr Refalo presented the cheque of €106,000 to Archpriest Cardona.

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