Monday, September 25, 2017:

Mgr George Grima has passed away this morning - UPDATED

Once again this website sadly announces the departure of another one of our beloved priests.  Mgr George Grima, 66, has passed away early this morning.

Dun Ġorġ ta’ Ġesu’ fil-Proxxmu, as many knew him, was born to Ġużeppi Grima and Manwela Said on the 3rd December 1950.  He received his education in the primary school in Rabat and continued his studies for priesthood in the seminary of the heart of Jesus in Rabat, Gozo.

He was ordained by H. L. Mgr Nikol Cauchi, Bishop of Gozo on the 18th June 1977, at  the Gozo Cathedral.  Soon after being ordained, in September 1977, he embarked on missionary work in Brazil. 

In his first three years he acted as the Pastoral Vicar in Tamarana.  In 1980 he served as the Rector of the St Joseph Cathedral in Itabuna, Bahia.  In 1981, he became the Parish Priest of Our Lady of Rosary parish in the town of Alfredo Vasconcelos in Minas Gerais.  Whilst he was in Minais Gerais, he built homes for orphaned children coming from poor families. He gave them food, education and medicine. On 3 December 1987, he founded Missionary Movement Jesus in thy neighbour and from that day, started his work in Africa.

During his time as a Parish Priest in Alfredo Vasconcelos, he founded the Parish of the Holy Spirit, where he became also the first Parish Priest of the same parish.  In 1990, Dun Ġorġ returned to Malta to take care of his health and served as a religious counselor for some government schools.

He founded the Ġesù fil-Proxxmu movement which continues to run charity programmes in Brazil, Ethiopia, and Kenya.

As we pray for the repose of his soul, let us join the community in prayer at his funeral rites which will take place next Thursday 28th September 2017 at St George’s Basilica.  At 4.00pm, his earthly remains will be taken to the church of St James at Independence Square, where at 4.30pm the Collegiate Chapter and Clergy will celebrate the Office of the Dead.  Then H.L. Mgr Mario Grech, Bishop of Gozo, will preside over a Concelebrated High Mass at 5.00pm.

May his soul rest in peace!

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