Wednesday, July 6, 2016:

Generosity at its best

Every drop counts! It’s an English proverb which explains that in order to do something big, you need the collaboration and help of many. During last week, we have experienced such thing. It was a shower of generosity from many parishioners – and not only – who have responded to our call to fill up a container to be sent to Guatemala. The timing for publicising such activity was relatively short, nearly fifteen days, but the response was immense, perhaps not anticipated to such proportion!


It all started on Friday evening and ended at the very late hours of Saturday night. The container was jam-packed and sealed on the FXB premises in Xewkija. Vehicles started to come and bring over the requested items: from televisions to carpentry tools, from soft-toys to sewing machines, from clothes to mattresses, from chairs and tables to kitchenware and a never ending list of items that were all packed into the 40-feet long container.


It was not an easy task to fill up correctly the container – in fact it was an arduous one – as you need to think of how to fill up all the blank areas in order to make the best use of space. Apart from the continuous arrival of new items to be packed, people started also coming to give us a helping hand as the tasks were many: all clothes had to be checked, with summer clothes chosen to be packed in the container and the wintry ones made aside; collect and help persons to unload items from their cars; organise an in-house courier service to collect items from various houses around Gozo; make sure to list all the items entering the container and finally to correctly pack and place all items in the container. Sunday, which should have been the third day to collect items for the container, was in fact cancelled.


All items in the container shall arrive in time when our missionary group arrives in Guatemala in August, between the 9th and 31st. We would like to thank all those persons who have contributed in such successful event, which in the end will help in providing basic items for the most needy. All those who wish to contribute, can do so by visiting St George’s Parish Office. This year’s missionary work, including the filling up of the container, is being done in collaboration with Guatemalta Foundation.